Mark Zuckerberg rules his empire but politics is another country | Anne McElvoy | Opinion

Abraham Lincoln took under 300 words to deliver the Gettysburg address. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg ...

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Trump’s lies are not the problem. It’s the millions who swallow them who really matter | Nick Cohen | Opinion

Compulsive liars shouldn’t frighten you. They can harm no one, if no one listens to ...

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The ‘punch a Nazi’ meme: what are the ethics of punching Nazis? | Tauriq Moosa | Science

When a KKK-endorsed alleged sexual assaulter can be elected to the White House, many are ...

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Fake news and false claims: can AI help fact-check the Trump administration? | Science

Imagine you’re the head of machine learning at a big social media company, and you’ve ...

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Emmanuel Macron: the French outsider who would be president | World news

At a stadium rally in Lyon, Emmanuel Macron, the maverick centrist outsider who has become ...

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Spain’s Princess Cristina acquitted in tax fraud trial | World news

Spain’s Princess Cristina, the sister of King Felipe VI, has been cleared of helping her ...

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Deutsche Bank examined Trump’s account for Russia links | US news

The scandal-hit bank that loaned hundreds of millions of dollars to Donald Trump has conducted ...

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This image of terror should not be photo of the year – I voted against it | Stuart Franklin | Opinion

On 19 December last year, the Turkish photographer Burhan Özbilici went to a press conference ...

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Fort Lauderdale, shooting, dead, suspect, Iraq veteran

Fort Lauderdale shooting: five dead as suspect identified as Iraq veteran

Five people were killed and eight injured in a shooting at Fort Lauderdale airport in ...

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Suspect, Florida, airport, shooting, Iraq tour

Suspect in Florida airport shooting ‘lost his mind’ after Iraq tour, family says

The suspect in the Fort Lauderdale airport shooting that claimed five lives was a mentally ...

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North Carolina, officer, caught, slamming, female student, ground

North Carolina officer caught on video slamming female student to ground

A North Carolina police officer was caught on video lifting a high school student into ...

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Chicago, homicides, 2016, New York, LA, combined

Chicago records more homicides in 2016 than New York and LA combined

Donald Trump waded into the debate over Chicago’s soaring rates of murder and gun crime ...

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