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SAG awards: diversity is the night’s winner in pointed counter to Oscars

SAG, awards, diversity, winner, Oscars

The Screen Actors Guild awards provided a counterbalance to the much-protestedlack of ethnic diversity the Oscar nominations on Saturday as the actors union honoured four black actors: Idris Elba, who ...

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Apple said to have secret virtual-reality team

Apple, secret, virtual-reality, team

Apple’s latest clandestine endeavor could be in virtual reality. The Cupertino, California, tech giant has assembled a secret research group focused on virtual and augmented reality, according to the Financial ...

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Driverless bus trial in Netherlands is first on public roads

Driverless, bus, trial, Netherlands, public, roads

An electric, driverless shuttle bus has taken to Dutch public roads on Thursday, rolling six passengers along a 200m stretch of road in the first trial of its kind worldwide. ...

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Zika outbreak raises fears of rise in deaths from unsafe abortions

Zika, outbreak, fears, deaths, unsafe, abortions

Campaigners are calling on Latin American governments to rethink their policies on contraception and abortion because of the spread of Zika virus, which they fear will lead to a rise ...

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Most British eggs safe for pregnant women, report says

British, eggs, safe, pregnant, women

Pregnant women should be told they can safely eat runny eggs, almost 30 years after the salmonella crisis, a report says. British eggs with the red lion mark carry such ...

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Google deal highlights need for ‘radical change’ to international tax rules

Google, highlights, radical, international, tax, rules

Google’s £130m tax deal with the UK reveals the need for a radical overhaul of the international tax system, according to Britain’s leading authority on tax and spending. The Institute ...

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Global markets end tumultuous month on a high

Global, markets, tumultuous, month, high

Global markets have ended a difficult month on a stronger note after the Bank of Japan stepped in to boost its economy with negative interest rates. However, weak economic growth ...

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European commission unfairly targeting US companies over taxes, official says

European, commission, US, companies, taxes, official

Apple, Amazon, Starbucks and McDonald’s are being unfairly targeted by the European Commission over tax avoidance, according to Robert Stack, the US Treasury official in charge of international tax policy. ...

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Investors love cheap money – and hate optimistic central bankers

Investors, cheap money, hate, optimistic, central, bankers

It would be easy to think that the worst is over, at least for the time being. Watching world stock markets rally after the Bank of Japan cut interest rates ...

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‘Hillary is tough’: Clinton’s gun control push gets boost from Gabby Giffords

Hillary, tough, Clinton, gun, control, Gabby Giffords

Gabby Giffords still struggles with her speech, five years after she was shot in the head in a mass shooting in Tucson, Arizona. But standing beside Hillary Clinton in Ames, ...

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