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Donald Trump pledges to curb press freedom through libel laws

Donald Trump, pledges, curb, freedom, libel, laws

Donald Trump has pledged to change the libel laws in a way that could undermine the first amendment and the freedom of the press. Speaking at a rally in Fort ...

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Rubio takes off the gloves to thump Trump – but is it already too late?

Rubio, takes off, gloves, Trump, late

Mounting a stage at a public park in downtown Dallas, Marco Rubio pulled out his phone before a crowd of more than 3,000 and began reading from Donald Trump’s Twitter ...

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Man shot by Baltimore police acquitted as jury rejects officers’ testimony

Man, shot, Baltimore, police, acquitted, jury, testimony

For the more than 240 days since Keith Davis was shot in the face byBaltimore police, he has nursed his wounds from a jail cell, facing a barrage of charges ...

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Former secretary of labor endorses Sanders

Former, secretary, labor, endorses, Sanders

Robert Reich, who worked in the Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter administrations and was Secretary of Labor under Bill Clinton, endorsed Bernie Sanders on Twitter Friday evening. The economist and ...

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Lindsey Graham jokes about how to get away with murdering Ted Cruz

Lindsey Graham, jokes, murdering, Ted Cruz

South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham thinks his party has gone “bats—” crazy, and joked Thursday that it’s possible to get away with murdering Ted Cruz if it happened in ...

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To Fight Critics, Donald Trump Aims to Instill Fear in 140-Character Doses

Fight, Critics, Donald Trump, Instill, Fear, 140-Character

Cheri Jacobus, a Republican political strategist, did not think she had done anything out of the ordinary: On a cable television show, she criticizedDonald J. Trump for skipping a debate ...

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Marco Rubio mocks Donald Trump for ‘wet’ pants

Marco Rubio, mocks, Donald Trump, wet, pants

Riding high off a strong debate performance, Marco Rubio went after Donald Trump on Friday with new vigor — even mocking the real estate mogul for worrying that his pants ...

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Chris Christie endorses Donald Trump

Chris, Christie, endorses, Donald, Trump

Marco Rubio now knows the fury of Donald Trump when he’s scorned. The Republican front-runner on Friday hit back at the Florida senator who rattled him in a debate the ...

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Hillary Clinton aiming for rout in South Carolina

Hillary, Clinton, aiming, rout, South Carolinaay

Hillary Clinton doesn’t want to just beat Bernie Sanders in South Carolina’s Saturday primary. She wants to pummel him. In a flurry of final campaign appearances, Clinton’s hitting hard on ...

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Hillary Clinton pushes Colombia free trade agreement in latest email dump

On the eve of South Carolina’s Democratic presidential primary, the U.S. State Department released 1,500 pages of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s emails from her tenure as secretary of state. Included in ...

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