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Hillary Clinton apologizes to coal country Over ‘out of business’ comments

Hillary Clinton, apologizes, coal, country, out of business, comments

Hillary Clinton, in a rare candid moment on the trail, apologized to a man who confronted her over comments made earlier this year about putting coal miners “out of business.” ...

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New Hampshire halts controversial vote meant to limit Trump’s delegate support

New Hampshire, vote, limit, Trump, delegate, support

An attempt by the New Hampshire Republican party to limit Donald Trump’s influence in a potential contested convention was halted Monday, when the state chair canceled a controversial online vote ...

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White House ducks questions on Larry Wilmore’s use of N-word to greet Obama

White House, ducks, questions, Larry Wilmore, N-word, Obama

The White House has faced tough questioning over comedian Larry Wilmore’s use of a taboo racial slur at its annual correspondents dinner. Press secretary Josh Earnest was challenged repeatedly by ...

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Incidents of toddlers shooting others or themselves increasing, data shows

Incidents, toddlers, shooting, data, shows

In the past two weeks, at least seven toddlers in the US have shot themselves or someone else. It’s a trend that is accelerating. The latest shooting happened Friday, at ...

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‘America is a better country without you’: Ted Cruz’s very bad day

America, better, country, Ted Cruz, bad day

Politicians who run for president are used to scorn, mockery and a healthy skepticism from the American people. But few have been heckled by a 12-year-old, questioned about their Canadian ...

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Indiana primary: Donald Trump looks poised for a win – and the nomination

Indiana, Donald Trump, poised, win, nomination

Donald Trump only needs to win Indiana on Tuesday by a single vote to be the likely Republican nominee. One recent public poll had the real estate mogul up 15 ...

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Saudi Arabia enemy or ally? families of 9/11 victims demand justice


The September 11 attacks is a Disasters and Tragic Event in America history, more than 3000 people died in these attacks and many lost their families. These attacks had Social, ...

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US soldier killed in northern Iraq

US, soldier, killed, northern, Iraq

A member of the US armed services has been killed in northern Iraq, the country’s defence secretary, Ash Carter, said. “It is a combat death, of course, snd a very ...

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UK and the prospect of Scottish independence

Scottish independence,UK

Voters across the UK are more worried about the prospect of Scottish independence than Brexit, according to a new poll. The findings suggest that fears over the possible break-up of ...

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