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Donald Trump attacks Clinton and ‘goofy’ Elizabeth Warren in victory speech

Donald Trump, attacks, Clinton, goofy, Elizabeth Warren, victory, speech

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has struck out at Democrat senator Elizabeth Warren as he begins to turn his attention away from the primaries and towards the general election ...

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Republican party storm of discontent rumbles on over Donald Trump

Republican, party, storm, rumbles, Donald Trump

Donald Trump has been confronted with deep discontent among senior members of his own party, including two former presidents, just days after becoming the presumptive presidential nominee for the Republicans. ...

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Bush-whacked: Jeb joins brother and father in vowing not to vote for Trump

Bush-whacked, Jeb, vowing, vote, Trump

Jeb Bush has joined his brother and father in declaring that he will not support Donald Trump, the presumptive nominee, in the presidential election in November. On Friday, a day ...

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Facebook to sponsor GOP convention despite Zuckerberg’s veiled dig at Trump

Facebook, sponsor, GOP, convention, Zuckerberg, Trump

Facebook will sponsor the Republican and Democratic national conventions this summer providing “financial and other support” – despite pressure from progressive organizations and CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s own veiled criticisms of ...

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‘Relax and be gracious’: Republican chair advises Trump on how to win over party

Relax and be gracious, Republican, Trump, win, party

The chairman of the Republican party has called on Donald Trump to reassure conservatives worried about his presidential nomination by releasing more names of potential supreme court justices he would ...

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Democrats unveil their secret general election weapon: Donald Trump

Democrats, unveil, election, weapon, Donald Trump

Democrats spent the last 10 months seeking to define Republicans as the “Party of Trump”. This week, what was once dismissed as a fever dream became a reality. Following a ...

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