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Obama tells Howard University students to change US through action

Obama, Howard, University, students, US, action

With the end of his term on the horizon and a successor on the campaign trail,Barack Obama delivered the commencement address at Howard University on Saturday, encouraging thousands of mostly ...

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Professor: flight was delayed because my equations raised terror fears

Professor, flight, delayed, equations, terror, fears

An economics professor says his flight was delayed because a fellow passenger thought the equations he was writing might be a sign he was a terrorist. American Airlines confirmed on ...

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Bernie Sanders adds more delegates, but chances of winning are still slim to none

Bernie Sanders, delegates, chances, winning, slim

Bernie Sanders has cut into Hillary Clinton’s delegate lead in the race for the Democratic presidential nomination, taking 31 more delegates, according to new data from Washington state. The Vermont ...

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Maine town fire chief arrested on arson charge after 42-acre blaze

42-acre, arrested, arson, blaze, chief, Maine

A fire chief accused of intentionally setting a grass and marsh blaze that was fought by more than 100 firefighters and led to evacuations was arrested on Saturday on an ...

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Trump accuses Clinton of wanting to abolish the second amendment

Trump, Clinton, wanting, abolish, second, amendment

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump has accused Hillary Clinton of wanting to “abolish the second amendment”. In a campaign rally in Lynden, Washington on Saturday, Trump accused the likely Democratic ...

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‘Did a bunch of little kids get shot today?’ Stars join march for ‘gun sense’

bunch, kids, shot, join, march, gun sense

In December 2012, when the news broke that classrooms full of first-graders had been shot to death at Sandy Hook elementary school in Connecticut, Julianne Moore was on a movie ...

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Alabama judge Roy Moore suspended over anti-gay marriage stance

Alabama, Roy Moore, suspended, anti-gay, marriage, stance

Alabama politics are at a low point even by the state’s own high – or low – standards: three top elected officials are embroiled in scandal or facing removal from ...

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Party of one? Trump seizes Republican reins but general election prep is lacking

Party, Trump, Republican, election, prep, lacking

Donald Trump is not just the presumptive Republican nominee for president. He is now the Republican party. For the next six months, the Trump campaign will control every aspect of ...

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How Detroit’s teacher ‘sickout’ cast a spotlight on unsafe school conditions

Detroit, teacher, 'sickout', spotlight, unsafe, school

On the week that most of Detroit’s 97 public schools shut down over mass teacher “sickouts”, Wytrice Harris stood inside Fellowship Chapel church on the city’s west side, channeling the ...

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