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Reject project fear and focus on positives of Europe says Alex Salmond

Alex Salmond,Scotland

THE campaign to keep Britain in the European Union must celebrate the achievements of Europe, according to Alex Salmond. The former First Minister believes the referendum campaign so far on ...

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Nicola Sturgeon to launch new Scottish independence campaign

Nicola Sturgeon,Scottish independence campaign

Nicola Sturgeon has said it is “ridiculous” to claim the case for Scottish independence has suffered after the SNP lost its majority at Holyrood. Opponents say the Scottish people delivered ...

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Syria’s Civil War Explained

Five years since the conflict began, more than 250,000 Syrians have been killedin the fighting, and almost 11 million Syrians – half the country’s prewar population – have been displaced ...

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Syrian refugees: ‘We would not consider Europe’

Caught between a civil war and Europe, which does not seem to want them, Syrian refugees in Lebanon are struggling to find a place to call home. Among them are ...

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Israel: Will Nazism comparisons trigger soul searching?

There is no bigger taboo in Israel than comparing the state of Israel to Nazi Germany. And yet that is precisely what Yair Golan, the deputy head of the Israeli ...

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Philippines election: polls close with ‘Punisher’ Rodrigo Duterte tipped to win

The Philippines has voted in a general election that opinion surveys suggest will see a tough-talking mayor, known as “the Punisher” for his lax attitude to extrajudicial killings, clinch the ...

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Greece has ‘basically achieved’ reform goals, says Juncker

“We are now at the time of the first review of the programme (to aid Greece) and the objectives have been basically achieved,” Juncker said in an interview to be ...

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Ted Cruz at a Crossroads as He Returns to the Senate

Ted Cruz,Senate,Washington , Pennsylvania

WASHINGTON — Senator Ted Cruz of Texas is expected to return to the Capitol this week, the last of four Republican senators battered and beaten by Donald J. Trump to ...

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The American public already knows that 15 of the 19 terrorists in the 9/11 attacks were from Saudi Arabia, the promoter worldwide of the radical Wahhabist interpretation of Islam. But ...

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Donald Trump says Hillary Clinton an ‘enabler’ of Bill’s infidelity

Donald Trump,Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump has launched a bitter broadside against Hillary Clinton depicting her as an “enabler” of Bill Clinton’s past infidelities — the latest nasty and deeply personal turn in the ...

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