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Saudi Arabia’s Involvement in 9/11 attacks and What politicians say about it

Saudi Arabia,9/11 attacks ,

  Some politicians have said that they think the Saudi government may have been involved in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Bob Graham along with former Senator Bob Kerrey are one of ...

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Editorial: Still time for justice in Scottsboro – archive

Editorial, time, justice, Scottsboro, archive

The world has just been profoundly shocked by a particularly senseless and cruel example of political assassination; unless the Governor of Alabama intervenes with a reprieve which will allow a ...

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Peter Thiel, PayPal co-founder, to be delegate for Donald Trump

Peter Thiel, PayPal, co-founder, delegate, Donald Trump

A Silicon Valley billionaire who is one of the top libertarian mega-donors in Republican politics will be a delegate for Donald Trump. Peter Thiel, who was a cofounder of PayPal ...

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Marco Rubio rules out joining Donald Trump as running mate

Marco Rubio, rules, joining, Donald Trump, runnin

Marco Rubio, the former Republican presidential hopeful, has ruled out joiningDonald Trump as running mate. Rubio, who in March ended his campaign for the party’s nomination, made it abundantly clear ...

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California’s Kern County settles for $1m over sexual assault by sheriff’s deputy

California, Kern, County, settles, $1m, sexual, sheriff

The young victim of a sexual assault carried out by a sheriff’s deputy in Kern County, California, has settled a civil lawsuit for $1m, marking the second violent misconduct case ...

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Activists on Obama’s speech to Howard graduates: ‘It’s one for the ages’

Activists, Obama, speech, Howard, graduates, ages

In his commencement address to Howard University graduates on Saturday, Barack Obama made specific mention of a new generation of black activists, including those involved in Black Lives Matter and ...

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Sanders decries ‘casino capitalism’ on Trump’s turf – a decaying Atlantic City

Sanders, casino, capitalism, Trump, turf

Bernie Sanders has spent much of his time on the presidential campaign trail admonishing “casino capitalism”. On Monday morning he did so again – this time literally. “What we’re seeing ...

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Seven days, three speeches: one week in the life of having a black president

Seven days, week, life, black, president

Like so many people I have unwisely loved, Barack Hussein Obama intrigues and infuriates and enrages and inspires and uplifts and disappoints me all at once. And whether it is ...

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Paul Ryan offers to step down as GOP convention chair if Donald Trump asks

Paul Ryan, step down, GOP, chair, Donald Trump

Paul Ryan told reporters on Monday that he is willing to step down from role as co-chairman of the Republican National Convention in July if Donald Trump asks him to ...

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Donald Trump: I don’t need Republican unity to win

Donald Trump, need, Republican, unity, win

Facing rebellion from within his own party, Donald Trump has dismissed unity as a prerequisite for winning the White House in November. “I think it would be better if it ...

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