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Ex-wrestler Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka unfit for murder trial due to head blows, court hears

Ex-wrestler, Jimmy, 'Superfly', Snuka, murder, trial

Former professional wrestler Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka suffered so many blows to the head during his long career that he now suffers dementia and is mentally incompetent to stand trial in ...

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Chicago’s much-criticized police review authority replaced with civilian agency

Chicago, much-criticized, police, authority, civilian agency

Embattled Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel announced Friday that he would abolish the much-criticized independent police review authority (IPRA) and replace it with a civilian agency. Emanuel’s approval ratings have been ...

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Texas cartel killing: two men guilty of conspiracy to commit murder for hire

Texas, cartel, killing, guilty, murder, hire

A trial that illustrated how Mexico’s brutal drug wars seeped into an upscale Dallas suburb has ended with guilty verdicts for two men who painstakingly laid the groundwork for the ...

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Man offering ‘free hugs’ in New York City accused of punching tourist

Man, 'free hugs', New York, City, tourist

A man offering “free hugs” in New York’s Times Square is accused of punching a Canadian tourist in the face after she refused to tip him for his hug and ...

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Is the ‘Ferguson effect’ real? Researcher has second thoughts

Ferguson, effect, real, Researcher, second thoughts

For nearly a year, Richard Rosenfeld’s research on crime trends has been used to debunk the existence of a “Ferguson effect”, a suggested link between protests over police killings of ...

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‘Killed this here critter’: outrage after US rancher shoots rare wolverine

Killed, critter, outrage, US, shoots, wolverine

A North Dakota rancher fatally shot the first wolverine documented in the state in more than 150 years, outraging wildlife advocates across the US who said the killing was cruel ...

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Republican Super Pacs accelerate efforts and rally behind Donald Trump

Republican, Super Pacs, accelerate, rally, Donald Trump

Two Super Pacs hoping to raise at least $170m to help Donald Trump win the presidency unveiled new efforts this week that reflect early fundraising momentum – even as some ...

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Trump’s success in Appalachia sounds warning bell for Clinton

Trump, success, Appalachia, sounds, warning bell, Clinton

Bill Clinton returned to Appalachia this week with a familiar song ringing in his ears. Fleetwood Mac’s Don’t Stop (Thinking About Tomorrow) was a campaign anthem that helped the “Big ...

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‘He’s our hero’: Hindu nationalists rally for Donald Trump in India

He’s our hero, Hindu, nationalists, Donald Trump, India

On a hot afternoon in Delhi, a group of men sat around a fire chanting Hindu mantras. Idols of Shiva and Hanuman watched on as the group performed a havan ...

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Donald Trump’s ex-butler investigated over Barack Obama threats

Donald Trump, ex-butler, investigated, Barack Obama, threats

Donald Trump’s former butler has drawn the attention of the US secret service for online threats he has made against Barack Obama. Anthony Senecal, who served the presumptive Republican nominee ...

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