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Personal Shopper review: Kristen Stewart’s psychic spooker is a must-have | Film

[ad_1] Is Kristen Stewart the fifth ghostbuster? Questions like that are liable to pop into your mind watching this captivating, bizarre, tense, fervently preposterous and almost unclassifiable scary movie from ...

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US man shoots himself in foot while adjusting sock

US, shoots, foot, adjusting, sock

Two people have been wounded at a high school graduation ceremony in Kansas after a man shot himself in the foot and wounded another person after he fiddled with a ...

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US navy to take charge of largest destroyer – the $4bn USS Zumwalt

US, navy, charge, destroyer, $4bn, USS Zumwalt

The US Navy is ready to take ownership of the Zumwalt, its largest and most technologically sophisticated destroyer. Sailors’ uniforms and personal effects, supplies and spare parts are being moved ...

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Republicans Nebraska Republicans drop resolution meant as rebuke to Trump

Republicans, Nebraska, Republicans, resolution, rebuke, Trump

At the Nebraska Republican convention on Saturday, a resolution condemning “degrading remarks toward women, minorities and other people by Republican elected office holders or party officials, including candidates for president ...

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GOP leaders: ‘People don’t care’ about Trump’s woman problem

GOP, leaders, People, Trump, woman, problem

After a week of make-up meetings with Donald Trump, Republican party leaders have arrived at a new strategy to accommodate their presumptive presidential nominee: ignore his problematic attitude to women, ...

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Director Stephanie Soechtig: ‘Gun owners are being duped by the NRA’

Director, Stephanie Soechtig, Gun, owners, duped, NRA

News anchor Katie Couric and director Stephanie Soechtig have collaborated on two previous documentaries: Tapped, which looked at the environmental consequences of the bottled water industry, and Fed Up, which ...

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Ex-CIA spy admits tip led to Nelson Mandela’s long imprisonment

Ex-CIA, spy, tip, Nelson Mandela, long, imprisonment

A tip from a CIA spy to authorities in apartheid-era South Africa led to Nelson Mandela’s arrest, beginning the leader’s 27 years behind bars, a report said on Sunday. Donald ...

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Obama delivers commencement speech at Rutgers: ‘Ignorance is not a virtue’

Obama, commencement, speech, Rutgers, Ignorance, virtue

Barack Obama delivered a stinging rebuke to a culture of isolationism and falsehood, and an adamant defense of facts and science, in his commencement address to the Rutgers University graduating ...

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Deadly Texas bus crash investigated as federal authorities step in

Deadly Texas, bus, crash, federal, authorities, step

Federal authorities are investigating a charter bus crash in far-south Texas that killed eight people and injured 44 more in a single-vehicle rollover, officials said. Seven people died at the ...

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Nevada Republicans deride Facebook news curation: ‘It’s almost scummy’

Nevada, Republicans, deride, Facebook, news curation, scummy

Reno, Nevada may be only a few hundred miles from Silicon Valley, but it may as well be another planet. At the Atlantis casino and resort, men and women sit ...

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