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David Mundell: London and Edinburgh should ‘reset’ – without another independence vote

independence vote,David Mundell , MSP

Scottish Secretary David Mundell will today call on the UK and Scottish governments to “reset” their relationship – without another independence vote. Mr Mundell will set out a “big offer” ...

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Donald Trump is Not Expanding the GOP

Donald Trump,GOP,

Donald Trump likes to say he has created a political movement that has drawn “millions and millions” of new voters into the Republican Party. “It’s the biggest thing happening in ...

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Sarah Sands: Hillary Clinton is showing us her fighting qualities

Sarah Sands,Hillary Clinton

The artist/satirist Alison Jackson, whose material is lookalikes, has set her sights on Donald Trump. Her gag this time, since Trump is so recognisable, is to use a model who ...

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What college graduates should expect from Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders

Donald Trump,Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders,

Young people have already played an influential role in the 2016 presidential campaigns. But it is yet to be seen what effect the 2016 candidates will have in turn on ...

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Donald Trump uses Bernie Sanders to drive wedge among Dems

Donald Trump,Bernie Sanders ,

WASHINGTON — As Donald Trump renews his call for Bernie Sanders to flout the Democrats — claiming they’ve mistreated
the populist — the party is facing its own divisions that could ...

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Obama Asia Trip 2016: President Obama’s Vietnam Visit Signals Tighter Economic Ties With Former Wartime Foe

Obama,Economic Ties ,

President Barack Obama is scheduled to visit Vietnam next week for the first time in his two-term administration. The trip offers the latest sign of tightening economic and security ties ...

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