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David Cameron: China must abide by ruling on South China Sea

David Cameron, China, abide, ruling, South China Sea

David Cameron has entered the G7 summit in Japan with a warning to China that it will be expected to abide by the outcome of an international adjudication into the ...

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MoD to investigate claims Saudis used UK cluster bombs in Yemen

MoD, Saudis, UK, cluster, bombs, Yemen

Claims that UK-manufactured cluster bombs have been used by Saudi forces inYemen will be urgently investigated, the foreign secretary, Philip Hammond, has said. The use and supply of such weapons ...

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Former 9/11 commission member calls for release of 28 pages in report

Former, 9/11 commission, member, release, 28 pages, report

A former member of the 9/11 Commission called Tuesday for the public release of 28 classified pages pertaining to the attacks. “I am strongly in favor of declassifying this information ...

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Protests at Albuquerque Trump rally overshadow Washington primary win

Protests, Albuquerque, Trump, rally, Washington, primary, win

Donald Trump easily won the Washington state primary on Tuesday, but his victory was overshadowed by violence outside a rally in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where protesters smashed windows and threw ...

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Joe Biden admits defeat on gun control but urges lawmakers to keep trying

Joe Biden, defeat, gun, control, lawmakers

Vice-president Joe Biden admitted defeat on passing stricter gun laws at the federal level, telling local leaders Tuesday, “We’re probably not going to get much more done in the next ...

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Justice department seeks death penalty for Charleston shooter Dylann Roof

Justice department, death, penalty, Charleston, shooter, Dylann Roof

Federal prosecutors will seek the death penalty for a white man accused of killing nine black parishioners at a historic church in Charleston, South Carolina, last June, the US justice ...

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Portland police chief in hot water amid claims he lied about shooting his friend

Portland police chief in hot water amid claims he lied about shooting his friend

The police chief of Portland, Oregon was placed on leave in the wake of accusations that he accidentally shot a friend and lied about it to investigators in a widening ...

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Trump has Bill Clinton’s past in his sights – how should Hillary respond?

Trump, Bill Clinton, past, sights, Hillary

At the recent premiere of HBO’s drama All the Way at the National Archives in Washington, there was a moment that prompted murmurs of recognition from an audience including senators, ...

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San Francisco retracts program to pay to reserve park’s lawn areas amid outrage

San Francisco, program, pay, reserve, park's lawn, outrage

San Francisco has been forced to walk back a new policy that would allow groups to pay to reserve areas of grass in the popular Dolores Park, in the latest ...

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Transgender unit in planned detention facility draws criticism from advocates

Transgender, unit, planned, detention facility, criticism, advocates

US immigration authorities’ plan to open a new detention facility with a specialized unit for transgender people is being condemned by advocates who argue that the vulnerable population should not ...

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