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Jeremy Corbyn ‘failed to reply’ to Israeli Labour on fears of antisemitism

Jeremy Corbyn, failed, Israeli, Labour, fears, antisemitism

Jeremy Corbyn faced fresh criticism over his handling of antisemitism allegations after Labour’s sister party in Israel said it had had no reply to a letter its leader sent to ...

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French strikes: situation getting better but crisis not over, says minister

French, strikes, situation, crisis, minister

Strikes have continued at French oil refineries as part of an ongoing standoff with the government over labour reforms, as footage emerged apparently showing a middle-aged woman being pushed to ...

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Dozens feared dead as migrant boat capsizes in Mediterranean

Dozens, feared, dead, migrant, boat, Mediterranean

Dozens of people are feared to have drowned in the second shipwreck in as many days in the southern Mediterranean, amid tentative signs that some Syrians may be trying once ...

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Lightning strikes kill one and injure dozens across Europe

Lightning strikes, kill, injure, dozens, Europe

One man has died and scores of people been injured, including children, as lightning strikes hit several parts of Europe, including a park in Paris and a football pitch in ...

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Isis may face Falluja bloodbath, but new offensive shows power to spread terror

Isis, Falluja, bloodbath, offensive, power, terror

Islamic State is under pressure in two strongholds, the Iraqi town of Falluja and the countryside around its self-declared capital, Raqqa. But a fresh assault in north Syria and threats ...

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Protests grow as Greece moves refugees to warehouses ‘not fit for animals’

Protests, grow, Greece, refugees, warehouses, animals

Conditions inside a network of new permanent refugee camps in Greece have been described as so bleak and lacking in basic amenities that they are “not fit for animals”. Around ...

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Refugee crisis: 13,000 people rescued in Mediterranean in one week

Refugee, 13,000 people, rescued, Mediterranean, one week

A flotilla of ships saved 668 people from boats in the Mediterranean Sea on Saturday, authorities in Italy said, bringing the week’s total of refugees plucked from the sea to ...

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Donald Trump refuses one-on-one debate with Bernie Sanders

Donald Trump, refuses, one-on-one, debate, Bernie Sanders

Donald Trump has said he will not debate Bernie Sanders after several days of changing his mind on the issue. The billionaire, who had previously said he’d “love to debate” ...

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Hillary Clinton’s week from hell: can she shake off troubles to take on Trump?

Hillary Clinton, week, hell, shake off, troubles, Trump

For Hillary Clinton, the week that Donald Trump finally sealed the Republican presidential nomination should to have been a triumphant one. After a final few delegates nudged him past the ...

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‘Racists!’ ‘Illegals!’ ‘Scum!’: protesters v Donald Trump supporters

Racists, Illegals, Scum, protesters, Donald Trump, supporters

They come clutching banners, flags and piñatas, some with masks, others with megaphones, to do battle with Trumpers. The venue changes but the rules remain the same: get as close ...

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