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Family of driver killed in US strike on Taliban leader file criminal case

Family, driver, killed, US, Taliban, leader

The family of a taxi driver who was killed in a drone strike while driving the leader of the Afghan Taliban across Pakistan have lodged a criminal case against the ...

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More than 700 migrants feared dead in three Mediterranean sinkings

700, migrants, feared, dead, Mediterranean, sinkings

More than 700 people are believed to have drowned in the Mediterranean last week, the deadliest seven days for Europe-bound asylum seekers in more than a year. The casualties happened ...

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Iraqi army enters Falluja in attempt to drive out Islamic State

Iraqi, army, Falluja, attempt, drive out, Islamic State

Iraqi army-led units have started an operation to storm the Isis-held city of Falluja, the latest phase in the week-long operation to capture the militant’s stronghold near Baghdad. Tens of ...

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David Cameron and Sadiq Khan plan pro-EU joint appearance

David Cameron, Sadiq Khan, pro-EU, joint, appearance

David Cameron is to appear alongside the new Labour mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, at the launch of a Britain Stronger in Europe battlebus on Monday, in an unusual act ...

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David Cameron facing most serious leadership coup of premiership as third Tory MP goes public

David Cameron, facing, leadership, premiership, Tory, MP

A third Tory MP has broken cover and said he is ready to demand David Cameron goes unless he tones down attacks in the EU referendum as a leadership coup erupted ...

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Hillary Clinton’s emails now might finally take her down

Hillary Clinton, emails, finally, her

This past week has been a milestone of sorts for those who closely follow the continuing saga of Hillary Clinton’s wrongful use of email systems during her tenure as Secretary of ...

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Law to enable 9/11 suits vs. Saudi Arabia is right and proper

Law, 9/11 suits, Saudi Arabia, right, proper

Less than two weeks ago, the United States Senate approved a measure to clear the way for lawsuits against foreign governments that provide tangible support to terrorist attackers who cause ...

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Gunman dead after ‘random’ rifle rampage in Houston suburb

Gunman, dead, random, rampage, Houston, suburb

At least one man armed with a high-powered rifle went on a shooting rampage through a suburban Houston neighbourhood on Sunday, police said, resulting in two deaths and multiple injuries. ...

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Woman badly injured in suspected California shark attack

Woman, injured, suspected, California, shark, attack

Lifeguards shut down a Southern California beach on Sunday after a swimmer was pulled injured from the water with bite marks in a possible shark attack, authorities said. The woman, ...

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A capacity to move voters’: can California be Sanders’ golden state?

capacity, voters, California, Sanders, golden, state

After Hillary Clinton won the New York Democratic primary in April, her surrogates began relaying the message: game over, Bernie Sanders. Time to go home. It is mathematically impossible to ...

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