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Winning Scottish independence will be even harder than before – but it may be the only choice

Winning, Scottish, independence, harder, choice

The Brexit mutiny has taken not just the UK economy and its relationship with Europe into uncharted waters. it has also imperilled the union between Scotland and England. From Sir John Major ...

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Barack Obama warns against Brexit ‘hysteria’ in vote’s aftermath

Barack Obama, warns, Brexit, hysteria, vote, aftermath

Barack Obama has warned against financial and global hysteria after Britain’s vote to leave the European Union, saying that while full European integration may be on pause, cataclysmic changes are ...

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American conservatives find new British darling in Ukip leader Nigel Farage

American, British, darling, Ukip, leader, Nigel Farage

Once, young conservatives in the US looked across the ocean to Margaret Thatcher. Now the model is Nigel Farage. The garrulous chain-smoker, known to be fond of a pint, has ...

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House Benghazi report faults military response, not Clinton, for deaths

Benghazi, faults, military, response, Clinton, deaths

House Republicans investigating the 2012 terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Libya, have found no new evidence to conclude that Hillary Clinton, secretary of state at the time, was culpable in the ...

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Senate shoots down $1.1bn funding package to fight Zika virus

Senate, shoots, $1.1bn, funding, package, Zika virus

US lawmakers deadlocked over funding to fight the Zika virus on Tuesday, as Senate Democrats blocked a Republican proposal they said fell short of the challenge posed by the mosquito-borne ...

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Vigil for murdered Baltimore rapper leads to police standoff and arrests

Vigil, murdered, Baltimore, rapper, police, arrests

A vigil for a murdered Baltimore rapper turned into a tense standoff with police on Monday night a few blocks from the center of last year’s uprising following the death ...

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Abortion advocates ‘on a high’ with a long road ahead after supreme court win

Abortion, advocates, on a high, supreme court, win

Abortion providers and advocates gathered anxiously around a computer screen in Austin on Monday morning, waiting for news from the supreme court. When the ruling came through and handed a ...

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Hillary Clinton proposes student debt deferral for startup founders

Hillary Clinton, student, debt, deferral, startup, founders

Hillary Clinton put forward a set of proposals, in a newly released agenda on technology and innovation, that would treat entrepreneurs and startup workers more favorably than other student debtors. ...

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Trump escalates economic tirade against free trade, China and globalism

Trump, economic, tirade, free trade, China, globalism

Donald Trump raged against globalization and free-trade agreements on Tuesday and urged the US “to declare economic independence again”. At a scrap metal facility south of Pittsburgh, the presumptive Republican ...

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Trump renews support for torture and compares trade deal to rape at Ohio rally

Trump, support, torture, trade, rape, Ohio

Donald Trump offered renewed support on Tuesday for the use of torture while repeatedly comparing a proposed free trade agreement to rape. Trump, who has often praised the use of ...

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