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black lives matter members Block Freeway in St. Paul as Demonstrations Continue Across U.S.

Protesters ,St. Paul

Protesters demonstrating over the use of police force against African-Americans took over a Minnesota highway for hours Saturday, and police said officers were injured by thrown bottles, rocks, bricks and ...

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Shootings in Dallas expose US election faultlines of policing, guns and race

Shootings, Dallas, US election, policing, guns, race

The Dallas shootings exposed an ugly faultline in American politics that threatens to run all the way to November’s presidental election, already one of the most polarised in memory. For ...

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‘A big smile, a big heart’: Dallas officer Brent Thompson’s body escorted to home town

Dallas, officer, Brent Thompson, escorted, home town

Brent Thompson loved his home town, and two days after his death it wanted to show just how much it loved him back. Hundreds of police officers, first responders and ...

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Dallas police reveal details of bomb-carrying robot it used as ‘last resort’

Dallas, police, details, bomb-carrying, robot, 'last resort'

The Dallas police department has defended its decision to use a robot to kill the gunman who fatally shot five of its officers, saying the controversial method was used only ...

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Dallas police face fresh threats amid renewed protests across America

Dallas, police, fresh, threats, protests, America

Dallas police searched in vain for a suspicious man spotted in its headquarters on Saturday evening amid fresh threats to the city’s officers and renewed anti-police violence protests across the ...

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Dallas shooting: tensions over race, policing and guns threaten to boil over

Dallas, shooting, tensions, race, policing, guns

From a perch about 300 yards to the east of the Texas school book depository where Lee Harvey Oswald took his fateful aim in 1963, another American sniper this week ...

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Black Lives Matter rallies hundreds in second UK day of protest

Black Lives Matter, rallies, hundreds, protest

Hundreds of people in the UK have demonstrated against the killing of two black men – one in Minnesota and one in Louisiana – in the United States. A crowd ...

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Obama on Dallas shooting: ‘We cannot let the actions of a few define all of us’

Obama, Dallas, shooting, actions, define

Barack Obama addressed on Saturday the sniper attack in Dallas that killed five officers and its relationship to the broader movement against police violence, declaring: “We cannot let the actions ...

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Black Lives Matter activists face familiar anxiety in aftermath of Dallas shooting

Black Lives Matter, activists, anxiety, aftermath of Dallas shooting

When five officers were shot dead in Dallas and police had few details about who was responsible, a movement held its breath. Protesters and activists across the country couldn’t help ...

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Kim Kardashian Pens a Passionate Letter on Black Lives Matter

Kim Kardashian, Black Lives Matter

After three days of consecutive, fatal shootings — the latest being in Dallas, where five police officers were killed — Kim Kardashian is weighing in. On Friday, the reality star ...

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