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Vietnam removes protesters gathered for anti-China rally in Hanoi

Vietnam, removes, protesters, anti-China, rally, Hanoi

Dozens of Vietnamese who gathered for an anti-China protest in central Hanoi were taken away by authorities on Sunday as they tried to rally support for an international tribunal’s ruling ...

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‘At least 35,000’ Venezuelans cross border to Colombia to buy food and medicine

Venezuelans, border, Colombia, buy, food, medicine

Tens of thousands of Venezuelans poured into neighbouring Colombia to buy food and medicine on Saturday after authorities briefly opened the border that has been closed for almost a year. ...

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Alan Vega, Suicide frontman and electronic music pioneer, dies aged 78

Alan Vega, Suicide, frontman, electronic, music, dies aged 78

Alan Vega, the frontman of the American electronic musical duo Suicide, has reportedly died, aged 78. The former Black Flag and Rollins Band vocalist Henry Rollins broke the news viahis ...

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New compounds defeat multi-drug resistant cancer cells

compounds, defeat, multi-drug, resistant, cancer, cells

The team, including members from the University of Navarra in Pamplona, Spain, and Jagiellonian University Medical College in Kraków, Poland, describes their work so far with the new class of ...

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Facebook activates Safety Check after truck attack kills dozens in Nice, France

Facebook, activates, Safety Check, truck, attack, Nice, France

Facebook activated its Safety Check feature on Thursday after a truck rammed a Bastille Day celebration in Nice, France, killing more than 70 people and injuring scores more. It’s the ...

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Chelsea confirm signing of N’Golo Kanté from Leicester City

Chelsea, confirm, signing, N’Golo Kanté, Leicester, City

Chelsea have completed the signing of N’Golo Kanté from Leicester City for a fee of around £30m, with the France midfielder signing a five-year contract. Kanté, who made more tackles ...

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Declassified 9/11 pages show ties to former Saudi ambassador

Declassified, 9/11 pages, ties, former, Saudi, ambassador

The 28 pages of newly declassified material from the 9/11 Commission released Friday by Congress show multiple links to associates of Saudi Arabian Prince Bandar, the former longtime ambassador to ...

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Saudi FM on 9/11 report: ‘The matter is now finished’

Saudi, FM, 9/11, report, matter, finished

Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister said on Friday he welcomed the release of a long-classified section of the official report on the Sept. 11 attacks that discussed potential links between some ...

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Declassified 9/11 report: Bandar, extremists may have had links

Declassified, 9/11 report, Bandar, extremists, links

Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the longtime Saudi ambassador to the United States and a former Aspen homeowner who donated millions to local causes, is a prominent figure in 28 recently ...

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Welfare cards carry number for sex line instead of help line

Welfare, cards, number, sex line, help line

Some holders of electronic benefits transfer cards in the US state of Maine have found that dialling the phone number on the back of the cards gets them a sex ...

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