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Saudi Arabian teen arrested for online videos with American blogger

Saudi Arabian, teen, arrested, online videos, American, blogger

A male Saudi Arabian teenager has been arrested in Riyadh over a series of online videos of conversations between him and a female Californian streaming-video star that went viral. A ...

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Donald Trump bashes Alicia Machado again, alleging a ‘sex tape’ (without evidence)

Donald Trump, bashes, Alicia Machado, alleging, ‘sex tape’

Donald J. Trump went on a morning Twitter tirade on Friday, denouncing the former Miss Universe winner he once shamed for gaining weight and directing the American public to seek ...

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Wisconsin lawmakers urge investigation of Scott Walker after ‘John Doe’ papers

Wisconsin, lawmakers, investigation, Scott Walker, 'John Doe', papers

Nineteen Wisconsin legislators have called for an official investigation into alleged criminal misconduct by the Republican governor Scott Walker, based on their review of court documents leaked to the Guardian. The ...

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Donald Trump Trump violated Cuba embargo in 1998 business venture, report claims

Donald Trump, violated, Cuba, embargo, business, venture

The Clinton campaign on Thursday attacked Donald Trump over reports of an historic violation of the Cuba embargo, hours after Newsweek alleged that the Republican nominee spent at least $68,000 ...

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Nevada rules funding for school voucher program is unconstitutional

Nevada, rules, funding, school voucher program, unconstitutional

The Nevada supreme court has ruled that the state’s voucher-style education savings accounts program – seen as the broadest school choice initiative in the country – has an unconstitutional funding ...

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Trump calls Angela Merkel his favorite world leader after months of bashing her

Trump, calls, Angela Merkel, favorite leader, bashing

After months of bashing the German chancellor on the campaign trail, Donald Trump declared that Angela Merkel was his favorite world leader. In an interview with a local reporter in ...

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Lead contamination in LA housing project only one part of pollution puzzle

Lead, contamination, LA, housing, pollution, puzzle

It’s a sunny Saturday morning in South-Central Los Angeles, but Nuvia Perez is keeping her three boys inside. “They don’t go out to play,” said Perez, 37, whose front door ...

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Las Vegas faces scourge of squatters as thousands of homes sit abandoned

Las Vegas, scourge, squatters, homes, sit, abandoned

From the start, officer Scott Vaughn sensed there was something peculiar about the people living in the house on Ocotillo Mesa Drive. He figured one thing was for sure: they ...

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How rising violence in just 10 cities drove up the US murder rate

rising, violence, 10 cities, US, murder, rate

A third of last year’s 10.8% murder increase in the US, the biggest single-year leap in decades, was driven by rising violence in just 10 cities, according to FBI data ...

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Hoboken train crash: authorities release names of victim and engineer

Hoboken, train, crash, authorities, victim, engineer

One day after a New Jersey Transit commuter train crashed into a major transportation hub in Hoboken, leaving one person dead and more than 100 injured, authorities released the name ...

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