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Obama to decide on cuts to US nuclear arsenal in October

Obama, cuts, US, nuclear, arsenal, October

Barack Obama is expected to make a final decision next month on possible cuts to the US nuclear arsenal, in an attempt to consolidate his legacy as a disarmer before ...

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Donald Trump: Clinton’s bodyguards should disarm and ‘see what happens’

Donald Trump, Clinton, bodyguards, disarm

After a bruising day dominated by his non-apology for promoting the “birther” conspiracy theory, Donald Trump attempted to regain control of the direction of his presidential campaign at a Miami ...

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Mike Pence releases doctor’s letter highlighting ‘excellent general health’

Mike Pence, doctor, letter, 'excellent general health'

Republican vice-presidential candidate Mike Pence released health details from his doctor on Saturday, again providing to the public detailed information of a kind his running mate, Donald Trump, has refused ...

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Saudi royal family offered Guantanamo Bay prisoner to fly a plane, before the September 11 attacks

Saudi royal family ,11 attacks

A prisoner at the United States’ Guantanamo Bay says he had been offered — via a “religious figure” — by a member of the Saudi royal family to be part ...

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Authorities identify second body found in Ohio home as suspect arrested

Authorities, second body, Ohio, home, suspect, arrested

Authorities on Friday identified the second woman whose body was found in anOhio home this week, after a third woman called 911 from inside a bedroom and said a man ...

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Penn State marks Joe Paterno milestone amid criticism over sex abuse scandal

Penn State, Joe Paterno, milestone, sex, abuse, scandal

Penn State paid tribute on Saturday to Joe Paterno, on the 50th anniversary of his first game as football head coach and despite criticism that such ceremonies are insensitive to ...

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Tulsa officer fatally shoots black man who refused to put hands up, police say

Tulsa officer, shoots, black man, hands up, police

A Tulsa police officer shot and killed an African American man who ignored repeated requests to put up his hands before reaching into an SUV that was stalled in the ...

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Donald Trump threatens to sue New York Times over ‘irresponsible intent’

Donald Trump, threatens, New York Times, 'irresponsible intent'

Donald Trump has threatened to sue the New York Times. In a tweet on Saturday night, the Republican nominee for president wrote: “My lawyers want to sue the failing @nytimes ...

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Trump ‘cornerstone is bigotry’: Sanders and Warren take on Clinton’s Ohio fight

Trump, 'cornerstone is bigotry', Sanders, Warren, Clinton

Senator Elizabeth Warren on Saturday said Donald Trump was “a man with a dark and ugly soul” on Saturday, unleashing some of her most stinging criticisms of the Republican nominee ...

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Trump tells controversial group Clinton immigration plan will ‘abolish borders’

Trump, controversial, Clinton, immigration, abolish borders

After reversing course a day earlier on false claims about Barack Obama’s birth,Donald Trump produced a familiar stance on another favourite theme on Saturday, telling an audience in Texas he ...

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