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Jon Hamm: ‘Therapy is like going to the dentist’

Jon, Hamm, Therapy, dentist

Jon Hamm and I are at lunch to discuss his latest movie, Baby Driver, from the director Edgar Wright. But, of course, we’re talking about Don Draper instead, the existential ...

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Fears grow for reciprocal rights of EU citizens and Britons abroad

Fears, reciprocal, rights, EU, citizens and Britons abroad

Theresa May’s promised “generous offer” on EU citizens’ rights at the start of the Brexit talks this week will fall short of protection of the status quo, meaning a difficult ...

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Abandoned and abused: the forgotten Syrian refugee children on a Greek detention island

Syrian, refugee, children, Greek, detention, island

Rasha went missing late afternoon last Saturday. Her peers describe hanging out as normal with the 20-year-old Syrian in the Greek refugee detention camp. Then she vanished. Last Tuesday her ...

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