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ISIS threats goes global


Based on some valid data obtained from different sources, a number of ISIS commanders with Syrian and foreign nationalities have left ar-Raqqah and Deir ez-Zor for Turkey over the past few weeks.

This decision is made following the numerous failures of terrorists in Iraq and Syria; so they decided to send a powerful sign of existence and attract some more supporters.

At the same time, ISIS is likely to follow the goal of frightening Western societies and provoking governments. Moreover, it wants to prevent other countries from participating in coalition to defeat ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

But the return of these people to their countries through Turkey -which is the gateway to Europe- is dangerous since the presence of ISIS extremists is no more limited to one territory. They cannot be controlled and there is no way to fight them. Their members are spreading all over the world and threatening the security of nations with their terrorist attacks every now and then, such as the deadly attack at Manchester Concert.


The European cities of Nice, Berlin, Stockholm, London and Barcelona have been the target of terrorist attacks involving vehicles over the past year. The so-called Islamic State (ISIS) claimed responsibility for all these deadly attacks, in which a truck driver deliberately drove at pedestrians crossing the streets.

ISIS prefers to target large capitals like London, Paris, Brussels or Berlin in order to create fear in countries seem to be safe.

If this continues, the terrorists and extremists will spread across Europe, form groups threatening the world security.

To prevent this from happening, all countries must unite to defeat ISIS. The good news is that the Syrians have been able to prevent their progress, kill most of their leaders, support the central government and destroy ISIS before its threat spreads in other lands.

Otherwise, we have to wait for other terrorist attacks every day. As you know, ISIS threaten Russia world cup attack with posters of different players from different nationalities which means threatening several countries. Most recently ISIS extremists threaten to attack Prince George.


In case we do not come up with a global alliance, we should expect the worst.