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MPs to analyze EU Withdrawal bill

MPs to analyze EU Withdrawal bill

MPs are to begin their line by line scrutiny of the EU Withdrawal Bill, the central piece of Brexit legislation.
Hundreds of amendments have been put forward by MPs who want changes to the bill before it becomes law.
On Monday, Brexit Secretary David Davis said MPs would be given a take-it-or leave-it vote on the final deal before the UK leaves the European Union.
MPs would be able to debate and vote on any agreement negotiated with the EU by the government.
But Mr Davis said the UK would still leave the EU on 29 March 2019, whether MPs backed or rejected the deal.
The Brexit date will be enshrined in law as part of the bill – in a move announced by Prime Minister Theresa May last Friday.

The principle of the EU Withdrawal Bill – to bring all existing EU law into UK law ahead of the Brexit departure – is widely supported by Parliament.
EU legislation will be copied across into domestic UK law to ensure a smooth transition on the day after Brexit.
The government says it wants to avoid a “black hole in our statute book” and avoid disruption to businesses and individual citizens as the UK leaves the EU.
Parliament can then “amend, repeal and improve” individual laws as necessary.
However, critics have accused it of giving the government too much power to change EU legislation without going through full parliamentary scrutiny.
Amendments to curb these so-called “Henry VIII powers” have been proposed, along with attempts to keep a role for the European Court of Justice in the transition process and moves to control Brexit’s impact on the devolved administrations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.