Prime Minister Yildirim has important statements in USA

Prime Minister Yildirim has important statements in USA

Turkey’s Prime Minister Binali Yildirim went to Washington, USA, to have official contacts. Yildirim , who is in the important statements here, said that excessive documents have been submitted and there was no need for a new document to be submitted for the demand of FETO members. Yildirim also made a statement regarding the proposal of Devlet Bahçeli regarding the electoral threshold.

A hundred visas will be granted per day instead of 400 visas said Prime Minister Yildirim about the visa crisis with the United States.

Yildirim who said that there are serious problems with the US, “It is not right to say that our relations with America are at a perfect level. We have serious problems and we will transfer our thoughts in order to focus on the future and leave problems behind.”

Regarding the extradition of FETO members, Prime Minister Yildirim said: “All the information and all documents are sent from us, we do not need to submit a new document. Our expectation from the US is the relevant authorities of the United States to take action.”

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