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Trump’s improper fish-feeding technique

Trump’s improper fish-feeding technique

President Donald Trump’s popularity at home may have hit record lows, but in Japan at least he has some new fans – a troupe of koi carp, who enjoyed a feast at the hands of the US President!

Trump became the latest U.S. president to display poor etiquette in Japan on Monday, when feeding the koi carp of Akasaka Palace with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. It is traditional for world leaders to stop and view the fish, and Trump was given a bowl of fish food and invited to join Abe in delicately spooning pellets to the fish. Eventually, Trump lost patience and dumped out the rest of his bowl, making Secretary of State Rex Tillerson chuckle.

n Trump’s defence, says The Guardian, he “was merely following his host’s lead”. Video footage shows that both men began by sprinkling a few spoonfuls into the water, before Abe – perhaps pressed for time – empties the remainder of his container into the pond, prompting Trump to do likewise.

Nonetheless, the image caused mirth and despair on social media:

It is not the only social faux pas spotted so far on the US President’s first trip to Japan. When Trump was presented to Emperor Akihito, he offered a handshake but did not follow the Japanese custom of bowing in respect, a departure from the precedent set by Barack Obama on his 2009 visit.

Obama was criticised in the right-wing press at the time for bowing too deeply, supposedly compromising the dignity of his office, the Daily Telegraph reports.