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The Iron Cops in U.S

The US government is creating iron cops to suppress civil protest

After suppressing the voice of social protest and freedom seekers in various states of the United States by the police and even the National Guard, Today, equipping the police with devastating weapons is a major debate among the people. Apparently, part of the tax money and people’s revenues will be spent on police equipment, which reminds the Iron guards in communist countries.

The Iron Guard, which secretly arrested the people, and slaughtered them by abusive tortures, and even, buried the bodies of the opposition secretly in the cemetery. American police behaviors are quite similar in some ways. Today, the police are killing people in the streets and, in cooperation with the judicial authorities, innocent people are being jailed and they are tortured in prison Without notifying others.

The question is, equipping the police to the gun silencers, machine guns and destructive drones, would be to suppress the people.