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Trump’s new “Final Solution” to the Jewish Question


Michael Herzog – On the morning of February 10, there were news on the media outlet that caused concern among observers of the Middle East events: Israel has bombed some Syrian territories. However, this wasn’t a new matter. In recent months, Israel has bombed different areas in Syria for several times. What caused astonishment and concern was targeting of Israeli F-16 fighter jet by Syrian regime. This can ignite a full-fledged war in the region that nobody knows about its possible consequences. Many analysts say that Bashar al-Assad’s patience has finally come to an end due to Israeli moves. But, in the event of a possible war, what would be the prospect of the Middle East, and which sides would benefit from Israel’s entry into another war?

with the beginning of the Syrian crisis, Israel took a policy of silence and nonintervention to events in Syria. So, despite concerning news from its northeastern borders, Israelis were living in calmness and nothing threatened the Jewish state.
But the situation has changed with the arrival of Donald Trump’s government in the United States. In the past year, Israel has abandoned the policy of nonintervention and we have been witnessing the occasional attacks by the IDF against targets in Syria. Today, with the targeting of Israeli F-16 fighter jet by Syrian regime, we have been notified that how dangerous this new policy is for Jerusalem.
Trump administration is aware that US domestic opinion won’t support another Middle East war. So, the US strategy to rebuild its base of power in the region, is based on a proxy strategy.
With a glance into events in recent years an interesting truth catches our eyes: US allies one by one are entering into wars that may swamp them like a quagmire. Just look at the situation of Turkey and Saudi Arabia in recent years to have a clear understanding of this proxy strategy. With the involvement of Saudi Arabia in Yemen war and Turkey fighting Kurds, Israel is the only option remained for the US to launch a new front in order to reach its goals.
The Trump administration is pushing Israel toward a war that could become a quagmire that would be impossible for it to come out of. The sudden transfer of the US embassy to Jerusalem can also be interpreted in line with this conflagration of war strategy.
Perhaps, future generations won’t remember the Auschwitz camp when they hear the phrase “the final solution to the Jewish question”, since the casualties of this proxy strategy for the Jews will be much more catastrophic than the holocaust.