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Emirates and Afghanistan to reach security agreement

United Arab Emirates and Afghanistan to reach security agreement

According to Russian newspaper Gazzetta Rossiyskaya, United Arab Emirates and Afghanistan will sign a security agreement that recommended by united states. This agreement is in signing process but somehow there is not any progress on it.
Some security forces in Afghanistan believe that this agreement will cause more crisis in Afghanistan and emirates troop presence in the Sothern, western and northern areas of Afghanistan will cause more tensions in the border with Iran, Pakistan and Russia.
It can lead to involving in a new Regional conflicts and proxy wars in the area and people of Afghanistan joined Wolesi Jirga (The House of the People ) in Opposing to this agreement .
Some representatives of Wolesi Jirga reacted to this agreement, they announced emirates troop presence in Afghanistan will cause more proxy war in this country.
In 2001, emirates sent soldiers to Afghanistan and they had military base in Helmand. Some officers form emirates troops joined to Taliban and after that emirates troops left Afghanistan.
According to online magazine WAR, AFTER several months since determining new strategies by America, NATO commanders have not yet contributed increasing number of soldiers (about 1500 soldiers) among NATO members, while Germany will not agree with the strategy of increasing number of soldiers in Afghanistan. Britain also does not embrace it warmly and Italy is silent about it. This situation is hard for NATO leaders to decide about sending new troops and they could not convince NATO members to send more troops to Afghanistan and this lead to discontent form united states; So Donald trump asked NATO leaders  to have Saudi Arabia and emirates as a financier of war, but because of emirates and Saudi Arabian-led intervention in Yemen war and not having trained troops it can be predicted that NATO leaders will choose Pakistani soldiers.