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Texas police on Sunday arrested a man carrying a loaded gun

Texas police on Sunday arrested a man carrying a loaded gun

Texas police on Sunday arrested a man carrying a loaded gun who said he was on his way to a church to “fulfill a prophecy,” after being alerted by workers at a Mexican restaurant.
Tony D. Albert, who was wearing tactical-style clothing, was arrested and taken into custody in Seguin, Texas, according to The New York Times. Officer Tanya Brown of the Seguin Police Department told the newspaper that Albert did not say which church he was traveling to when he was arrested.
The arrest occurred after Albert was seen by workers at the Mexican restaurant Las Mañanitas at around 6:30 a.m.
A worker, Brianna Jimenez, told the Times that she approached Albert to greet him, but that he waved her off and went to the restroom. She said Albert, who was carrying a backpack, stayed in there for about 30 minutes.
Jimenez said that Albert asked her where the nearest Baptist church was upon exiting the restroom.
Jimenez and her mother reportedly directed him to a church down the road. But Albert said to them he had been to that church years ago and that he wanted to know the location of a different one nearby.
“He was looking for a church with a fountain in the back,” Jimenez said. “It kind of seemed like he was on a mission to go to that church.”
Jimenez’s mother, Gabriela Jimenez, gave him directions to a new church. She said to the Times that she saw Albert exit the restroom wearing a white or baby blue surgical mask.
She said she also saw him carrying a gun, adding: “He had it in his hand the whole time.”
The Times reported that Albert asked Brianna Jimenez multiple times if she would drive him to the church. She declined both times, adding that he was gripping a gun as he left the restaurant.
Brianna Jimenez told the newspaper that another person in the restaurant locked the door after Albert exited. A group then hid in the kitchen as Gabriela Jimenez called the police.
The Seguin Police Department in a post on Facebook Sunday said that an officer who was off-duty at the time first spotted an “oddly dressed male wearing tactical style clothing, a surgical face shield, carrying a loaded firearm and extra ammunition.”
“During the investigation, officers revealed that 33 year old Tony Albert was allegedly en-route to unidentified church to fulfill what he called a prophecy,” the department said.
The department added on Facebook that it was “extremely grateful” to the individual who called the police.
Albert was booked on charges including possession of marijuana and felon in possession of a firearm, according to the Times.