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Trump is frustrated with Bolton doctrine

National Security Adviser John Bolton, who appears to be leading foreign policy in the Trump administration, has a dark and foreboding view of foreign policies .
but it seems that Donald trump does not want to follow that path Bolton is showing to him. according to Sources familiar with the matter there is a big division between trump and some hard liners aids like Bolton.
Trump is frustrated that Bolton wants war with Iran. his frustrations with his national security adviser actually began earlier this spring over Venezuela, when a similar dynamic — Bolton and other aides openly hinting at military options — caused Trump to warn his team to tamp down the rhetoric.
Trump denied on Wednesday there was any “infighting” over his Middle East policy. Although Sarah Sanders, the White House press secretary, denied any divisions inside the administration over Iran but Sources familiar with the matter say this division is bigger than we thought. Trump indicates he wants to cool tensions with Iran and he has pointed to it in private meetings with his aids including Bolton.