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Iran’s military power must be taken seriously

Here is the big news: Iran shot down a United States military drone on Thursday. The incident “highlights that when the Iranians really make investment, it can really count.
Donald Trump has said Iran had been “very wise” not to attack a manned American spy plane when it shot down a US Navy drone on Thursday. Yes but we can be wise too by not denying some facts about Iran’s military capability. There was a plane with 38 people they had it in their sights and they didn’t shoot it down. Yes they could attack it but did not.
Iran’s revolutionary guard on called for the US administration to refrain from making mistakes in the region and “not to put the lives of its forces at risk. Suppose Iran hit that manned plane? Can you imagine the consequences? Iran did not attack the manned plane and saved 38 people and many American soldiers in the possible war.
Iran showed that they have one of the Middle East’s most powerful militaries. Iran is estimated to have around 700,000 military and security forces.
Iran showed their capability in military is bigger than we think. They are able to defend themselves. The Iranians had either bought or developed radar technology that had helped them improve targeting at a distance. “We do not really understand how these guidance systems are working. This isn’t the first time Iran has hit US technology. It took down a RQ-170 stealth drone in 2011 and reportedly reverse-engineered it to create its own variants from the wreckage.