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Air Force clears General John Hyten of sexual misconduct allegations

The Air Force has cleared President Donald Trump’s nominee to become vice chairman of the joint chiefs of staff of allegations of sexual misconduct, a senior military official directly familiar with the investigation told CNN Wednesday.
The allegations surfaced in April shortly after four-star General John Hyten was nominated to be the President’s second most senior military adviser.
The official said no evidence or information had been found to substantiate nine allegations made against Hyten by a junior female officer.
Two senior military officers confirmed to CNN that the officer has made similar allegations against other personnel in the past.
The Pentagon issued a statement saying: “After a comprehensive investigation by the Air Force Office of Special Investigations, there was insufficient evidence to support any finding of misconduct on the part of General Hyten. General Hyten has cooperated with the investigation. With more than 38 years of service to our nation General Hyten has proven himself to be a principled and dedicated patriot.”
CNN has not been able to speak to the officer who made the allegations against Hyten.
Questions have been raised about why a confirmation hearing for Hyten had not yet been scheduled, three months after he was nominated for the role.
Hyten, who would take over from Air Force Gen. Paul Selva, is currently the head of US Strategic Command, which is critical in monitoring nuclear testing and missile launches around the world and advising the President, if needed, on nuclear launch options for the US.
Officials tell CNN the allegations have caused dismay among dozens of officers who are uncertain if the administration will still support Hyten’s nomination. There also questions over whether Hyten will want to proceed with a public confirmation hearing that may discuss the allegations even though the military has cleared him.