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White House basement floods during DC rainstorm

Heavy rains on Monday in Washington, D.C., caused minor flooding in the basement of the White House.
Water pooled on the floor of the underground area of the West Wing where print, radio and television journalists have workspace.

It’s official: The White House basement is flooding. pic.twitter.com/f1DR6awE89
— Eamon Javers (@EamonJavers) July 8, 2019

The White House basement is flooding. pic.twitter.com/huFDurxI4c
— Sean Doody (@swdoody) July 8, 2019
Maintenance workers arrived shortly afterward to clean up the water.

Update: swamp draining in progress. WH leaks appear contained. Press pool dry. pic.twitter.com/crYTdjelG5
— Eamon Javers (@EamonJavers) July 8, 2019

Three to four inches of rain fell in about an hour on Monday morning, causing widespread flooding across the region.
First responders had to carry out water rescues of drivers on Constitution Ave. NW, located just blocks south of the White House.

#DCsBravest have removed several occupants to safety from cars in high water at 15th St and Constitution Ave NW. pic.twitter.com/MKXSMJzsua
— DC Fire and EMS (@dcfireems) July 8, 2019
The press workspace in the White House basement often floods during heavy rains.
Trump on Monday is scheduled to participate in a credentialing ceremony for new ambassadors, receive his intelligence briefing and have lunch with Vice President Pence before delivering remarks on “America’s environmental leadership,” according to the White House.