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Trump’s mental instability is now an economic indicator

Typically, we take it for granted that a superpower is led by a mentally stable, thoroughly vetted politician in charge of their emotions. In this light, what are we to ...

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Shipping costs from China to the US have more than doubled as trade war

The price of shipping a container from China to the United States has risen dramatically in the last year due to uncertainty surrounding trade tensions between Washington and Beijing. That’s because Chinese exporters have been rushing to ...

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Trump: If Fed chair wanted to resign ‘I wouldn’t stop him’

President Trump on Friday said he wouldn’t discourage Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell from resigning if he wanted to, capping a day in which he unleashed intense criticism of the ...

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Trump on North Korean projectile launches: Kim ‘likes testing missiles’

President Trump on Friday said he does not believe North Korean leader Kim Jong Un violated any pact with him by launching another round of projectiles. “He likes testing missiles,” ...

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Trump says he had ‘great conversation’ with Danish leader after clash over Greenland


President Trump on Friday said he had a “great conversation” with the prime minister of Denmark after he scrapped plans to visit the country over her dismissal of a possible ...

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Chris Cuomo: Trump’s ‘mouth is a threat to this country’

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo on Friday blasted President Trump for likening Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell to Chinese President Xi Jinping, declaring that the “president’s mouth is a threat to ...

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