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Aramco drone attack; the end of Yemen crisis?

Brookings Institute – Bruce Riedel – After about 53 months of war in Yemen, doubts appear to be growing on this war. The United States, which had previously pledged to ensure Riyadh’s security against the Houthis by delivering more advanced weapons, has been hesitant to guarantee Riyadh’s security during recent retreats.
It seems to be some frustration about preventing the Houthis attacks. There is also a certain disarray among Saudi oil officials to supply energy. The ambitious son of King Salman now understands the late Prince Saud al-Faisal’s skepticism about launching a war against Yemen and the cause of his opposition better than ever. Apparently, the “little general” is in trouble and his popularity has been diminished. The designer of the saudi vision 2030 is in dire straits, largely due to Houthis careful drone strikes on one hand, and the destruction of his international image following the assassination of Jamal Khashoggi on the other hand.
The current situation of Bin Salman, the desperation of Saudi Arabia over the high costs of the war, the growing disputes between the UAE and Saudi Arabia, increased Houthis’ confidence following the attacks on Aramco, and global sensitivity to the widespread massacres of Yemenis, remind to saudi princes and officials to be cautious.
The Houthis are likely to continue their attacks and may target new wells and warehouses of Aramco in the near future; this is evidenced by the new Yemeni slogan that “Aramco oil is not more valueable than the blood of the Yemeni people”.
If the United States fails to find a solution, the world may see a new oil price shock in the near future.