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Impeachment witness: I’ve never heard anything like Trump-Sondland Ukraine call


David Holmes, a state department official, said he had “never seen anything like” the phone call he overheard between Donald Trump and Gordon Sondland, the EU ambassador, in which Trump ...

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China lashes out at NY Times report on Xinjiang documents

China’s foreign ministry lashed out at The New York Times on Monday over its release of leaked documents portraying the inner workings of Beijing’s campaign to detain more than a ...

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North Korea says it won’t give Trump a summit for free

North Korea on Monday responded to a tweet by U.S. President Donald Trump that hinted at another summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, saying it has no interest ...

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China urges US to “stop flexing muscles” in South China Sea


China on Monday urged the U.S. military to “stop flexing muscles” in the disputed South China Sea, a point of persistent friction in a relationship both sides said was generally ...

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70% of Americans say Trump’s actions tied to Ukraine were wrong

GOP senators want Trump to focus more on his agenda not consumed by impeachment fight

An overwhelming 70% of Americans think President Donald Trump’s request to a foreign leader to investigate his political rival, which sits at the heart of the House of Representatives’ impeachment ...

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Trump attacks another witness as his impeachment defense faces new tests

Trump expected to postpone decision to place tariffs on EU autos: report

President Donald Trump’s impeachment angst led him to fire off a new attack on a key witness and threatens to deepen in the frenetic week ahead with crucial testimony scheduled ...

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4 dead in mass shooting at California backyard party

At least four people were fatally shot and several more wounded in Fresno, Calif. on Sunday when a gunman opened fire on a group gathered for a backyard party. According ...

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Republicans condemned for smearing impeachment witnesses born abroad

Republicans and Donald Trump have sought to smear key witnesses in the impeachment inquiry against the president as having dual or mixed loyalties to the US, due to being born ...

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