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House GOP leader: “This is not a day that America will be proud about”

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said in a news conference this morning, responding to the articles of impeachment against President Trump, said Democrats “changed the course of Congress to takeaway ...

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Pelosi: Impeachment “isn’t about elections, it’s about the Constitution”

Asked if she’s concerned about how impeachment might put the Democrats’ House majority at risk, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said “it has nothing to do with it.” “If we believe ...

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Gabbard says she won’t participate in next debate even if she qualifies

Gabbard , debate

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) said Monday that she won’t participate in the December debate even if she qualifies. Gabbard tweeted Monday that she will instead will meet with voters in ...

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Buttigieg to open fundraisers, disclose bundlers after criticism

Buttigieg ,

Pete Buttigieg announced Monday that he will open his private, high-dollar fundraisers to the press and publicly disclose the names of his top financial supporters within the week, amid pressure ...

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Boy slept on hospital floor due to lack of beds

hospital floor,

A four-year-old boy with suspected pneumonia was forced to sleep on a hospital treatment room floor because of a lack of beds. Jack was photographed lying on a pile of ...

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Trump: I’m Israel’s best friend in White House

Trump, Israel, White House

President Donald Trump said Saturday that Israel has never had a better friend in the White House than him because, unlike his predecessors, “I kept my promises.” Trump energized an ...

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House Democrats expected to unveil articles of impeachment Tuesday

impeachment, Democrats, House Democrats

House Democrats are expected to unveil articles of impeachment against President Trump during a Tuesday morning press conference, according to two sources familiar with the matter. Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold ...

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Nadler: Impeachment would be a guilty verdict in ‘three minutes flat’

Nadler, Impeachment,

With sources telling CNN a vote in the Judiciary Committee to impeach President Donald Trump is expected as soon as this week, House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler said Sunday that ...

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North Korea: Trump is thoughtless and sneaky old man

North Korea, Trump,

North Korea insulted U.S. President Donald Trump again on Monday, calling him a “thoughtless and sneaky old man” after he tweeted that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un wouldn’t want ...

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France to take Trump’s tariff threat to WTO

France, Trump, tariff, WTO

France is ready to go to the World Trade Organization to challenge U.S. President Donald Trump’s threat to put tariffs on champagne and other French goods in a row over ...

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