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2 children 2 adults died in Minneapolis shooting

According to earlier media reports, after shooting two kids outside the house, the suspect entered the property and had been holding one person hostage there.
Two boys and two adults were killed in a shooting in Minneapolis, the city authorities said on Sunday, adding that the suspect shot himself in the head.
Earlier, there were reports of two children shot dead outside the house and a supposed hostage situation, as the shooter entered the property where another victim was at that moment.
Witnesses outside the property also reported a possible hostage situation.
MInneapolis police confirm two young children shot to death. In front yard of house on 3600 block Oakland Ave in Minneapolis. Swat is on scene. Suspect in house. Could be other victims. pic.twitter.com/6fiRowrqJ9
— Jon Collins (@JonSCollins) December 1, 2019
Police mobile command center, negotiations team, and swat are operating from the parking lot of the Swedish Institute. pic.twitter.com/uBNkUVyF03
— Jon Collins (@JonSCollins) December 1, 2019
According to police spokesman John Elder, the situation is likely “domestic-related”.
The boys were reportedly playing in the snow outside the house when the suspect shot them both.
The incident happened at around 10 a.m.
Police confirm a man shot and killed two kids (younger than teenagers) at a house near the intersection of Oakland Ave and 27th St in south Minneapolis this morning. I talked to a neighbor who told me so heard a man yelling, then a kid yelling “daddy” and then a gun shot. pic.twitter.com/Ukkgqd6bFB
— Hannah Flood (@hannahfloodfox9) December 1, 2019
Reporters at the scene say that the police have also evacuated eight houses nearby because “this is about the safety of a community”.
SWAT personnel arrived at the scene after the children were shot to negotiate with the suspect, but could not save the other victim.