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The ‘electoral college’ must be abolished

Elizabeth warren has said she is going to change the way presidents get elected. She has said American presidents should be elected by direct vote not by the Electoral College. “I want my second term to be elected by direct vote.”
We should say If this had been done after 2000, 2016 could not have happened. By changing the way we elect presidents then we are going to devolve a representative republic into a more direct democracy. although Some experts say that Presidents don’t decide this. Electoral college was designed for minority rights. The electoral college makes voting unfair. it is astounding that the USA holds itself to be the ‘greatest’ democracy and has a lot to say to other countries about democracy and yet has an electoral college system that falls way short of one man one vote. We must change this unfair election.
The electoral college is an outdated system that should have been done away with a century ago. We are not a democracy! We are a Constitutional Republic! the Electoral College should be abolished. Trump would never have been elected President as he did not win the popular vote. Every American Citizens vote must count. The ‘electoral college’ must be abolished.