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Trump’s lawyer says he doesn’t know when the legal team learned of Bolton’s manuscript

Trump's lawyer says he doesn't know when the legal team learned of Bolton's manuscript

The President’s deputy counsel told the Senate today that he didn’t “know off the top of his head” when the legal team learned that the manuscript for former national security ...

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Trump’s legal team was asked about the whistleblower

President Trump’s counsel was asked during the Senate impeachment trial today whether the President’s defense team had reason to believe National Security Council officials and the whistleblower coordinated to “take ...

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Trump’s aim of killing General Soleimani was to make Bolton silent

The New York Times has referred to an unpublished manuscript of John Bolton’s book -former White House National Security Adviser- in which he has confessed that the President has told ...

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Gun control group plans to spend $60M on 2020 elections

Everytown for Gun Safety announced on Monday its plan to spend at least $60 million in the 2020 election, which is nearly double what the National Rifle Association (NRA) spent ...

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Schiff: Senate cannot have ‘meaningful trial’ without Bolton

The lead impeachment manager for House Democrats said Monday the Senate cannot have a “meaningful” trial without receiving testimony from former national security adviser John Bolton. House Intelligence Committee Chairman ...

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Bolton told Barr he was concerned Trump did favors for China and Turkey leaders

Former national security adviser John Bolton reportedly told Attorney General William Barr that he feared President Trump was granting personal favors to the leaders of China and Turkey. Bolton recounted ...

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Sanders promises to change Trump’s immigration policy

If elected president, Bernie Sanders said he would “reverse every single thing” Donald Trump’s administration has done to US immigration policy, including what the 2020 hopeful described as a “racist” ...

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