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Bernie Sanders’ Nevada win is a breakout moment

Bernie Sanders was the winner of Saturday’s Nevada caucuses, according to an NBC News projection.
Saturday’s caucuses followed a fiery debate among the candidates earlier in the week in which Sanders, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren challenged former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg on sexism and race and Amy Klobuchar sparred with Pete Buttigieg over their political experience.
Nevada is the first Western state in the Democratic presidential primary following New Hampshire and the chaos that was the Iowa caucuses.

Bernie Sanders has won the Nevada Democratic caucuses, according to an NBC News projection.
Sanders rode a wave of support from young voters, Latinos and first-time caucusgoers to a runaway first-place finish in the state Saturday. The big win could give Sanders momentum heading into next Saturday’s primary in South Carolina, where polls show him running a close second to Joe Biden.
Sanders, looking to lock up a commanding delegate lead in his quest for the nomination, has also been devoting more time in California, the state that offers the largest prize on Super Tuesday, March 3.
It’s too early to call a second-place finisher.