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Chair of Iowa’s largest county: “There’s no way to report (results)”

Polk County Democratic Chairman Sean Bagniewski, whose county includes Des Moines and has 177 precincts, told CNN he has boxes with paper results from the county’s precincts, but no way of reporting them to the state party.
“There’s no way to report them. We’ve got them,” he said.
Some precinct chairs told Bagniewski they’d been on hold for an hour-and-a-half to two hours — and sometimes had their calls disconnected after getting through.
He and other Polk County officials asked precinct chairs who hadn’t reported their results to take pictures of their tallies and send them to the county party’s executive director, who then tried to drive them to state party HQ. She arrived at about 9:15 p.m., but was turned away and told that precinct chairs should call their results in as usual.
Bagniewski said his precinct chairs had tested the app used to report the results and some were having trouble — so last Thursday, he told those who couldn’t get the app to work to call in their results to the Iowa Democratic Party as they had in previous years.
“When you have 1,700 precincts in one state, it should be a couple month long process of training folks, testing out the app, making sure it is downloaded, and that wasn’t happening here,” he added.