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Bernie Sanders met privately with Hispanic lawmakers on Tuesday.

Here’s What We Do Like About Bernie Sanders

America is more divided than ever, supporters of both parties hate each other, the president hates his critics.  Nancy pelosi extends her hand to trump but he does not shake then Nancy rips his transcript .trump calls his critics with nicknames, he backs white supremacy  and etc.  these situations prove that we need a president that can unify the country not divide. Donald trump has divided dramatically the country.  We need a candidate who can save the country but Who? The answer is clear: Bernie sanders

We should support Bernie because we will quite literally never find a politician as consistent, steadfast, and passionate about the betterment of working class Americans as Bernie is and has been longer than most of us have been alive.

 He is incorruptible , he didn’t take money from big money, just the people. he owes nothing to no one except the people. people voted for trump to drain the swap but his Drano was ineffective.

Bernie has consistently and historically stood up for equal rights and equal pay – including women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, minority rights (blacks and Hispanics) – and is authentic and genuine. What he is saying now is not just for the donors and media, etc. like other candidates. He is the real deal. Finally, he has incredible years of experience in public service, politics, education, human rights, etc.

He wants to do the right thing for all Americans, even the ones who do not support him.

We are baring witness to the strongest and most important political revolution of our time to retake democracy from the plutocracy that America has fallen prey to, will you support the reclamation of America or will you let it fall into dissolution?

He has the track record and reputation to fight for justice for all. The other candidates are fine people but most Bernie supporters are voting for a certain policy agenda.

We support Bernie for his convictions. Democrats have been running big cities for a while but we vote for the candidate who will make the biggest difference.

 Vermont senator is the only person left in the race other than  other candidates talking about ending pay-to-play corruption and unlike others he has viability this cycle.

Sanders is generally pragmatic about how he advances this goal, and has spent decades working with people who do not share his values in order to make incremental advances. He is not motivated by wealth. (While Sanders has a lot of money, he accumulated it by saving what he earned; like his Larry David caricature, he does not enjoy creature comforts.) His passion to lift the unfortunate is pure and admirable.

We need to vote for Bernie to help Americans redistribute wealth from the top 1%, demand control of our taxes to support services that help the working and poor classes, focus on equal justice under the law and wrestle our democracy out of the hands of the Billionaire oligarchy.

It’s simple he’s going to take back America back from the cruel and dysfunctional out of control Financial elite.