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Is Turkish army helping the people of Syria?

A video footage showed that rebels are killing people of Aleppo in a mosque in Syria. According to a source familiar with the matter these rebels are those who came from Qafqaz and are being backed by Turkish army. In 2011 Major unrest began on 15 March in Damascus and then many rebels entered to this country to fight against Assad ,they claimed they wanted to remove Syrian regime and bring freedom for the people of Syria. Turkish army backed them and they continued fighting against Assad but now according to this video footage they are killing people. It appears that although Syrian people wanted to remove Assad regime to gain freedom but Now what they have gained is different. the U.S. Should Stay out of Syria and not back Turkish army because they are backing rebels who are killing people. The United States should stay out of the explosive confrontation, Instead of getting more involved in a civil war now in its tenth year. A civil war that terrorists are playing major role in it. They are just killing innocent people. Ten days ago 34 Turkish soldiers killed by Russia airstrike in Syrian. Russia claimed Turkish troops were acting inside “combat units” with jihadist militants in Idlib province when they were targeted. Turkish army claim they are fighting for the people of Syria but  it appears that  they are just backing terrorists who are killing innocent people.