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the latest on the coronavirus pandemic

Global deaths top 30,000: There have now been at least 30,000 people killed worldwide from the novel coronavirus pandemic, according to Johns Hopkins, as global infections rise above 660,000.
US cases break 120,000: Just under a fifth of the world’s coronavirus cases are in the United States, which has also recorded just over 2,000 deaths. You can follow live updates on the situation in the US here.
Three US states warned by CDC: Residents of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut have been asked to not travel domestically as the number of cases on the east coast continues to rise rapidly. About 12% of the New York Police Department’s uniformed employees are currently on sick leave.
Zaandam cruise liner heads to Florida: The ship with confirmed cases of the coronavirus has been allowed to move through the Panama Canal to get to Florida. More than 130 people on board have shown flu-like symptoms and four have died, although the cause of death is still unknown.
UK Prime Minister tells country to stay home: In a letter sent to 30 million households, Boris Johnson has called for people to stay home “at this moment of national emergency.” Johnson was diagnosed with the virus this week.
Japan reports its biggest single-day rise in infections: There were 194 new cases of the virus reported there on Saturday. Japan has 1,693 confirmed cases.
First coronavirus death in New Zealand: A woman in her seventies has become the first person in New Zealand to die of the coronavirus.