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Donald Trump is the only real winner if Joe Biden wins the Democratic primary

There is not a lot of certainty in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic, but two things are increasingly clear: one, that Donald Trump is unfit to serve in the Oval Office and cannot be re-elected president in November; and two, that  Joe Biden can not defeat Donald trump.
Bernie sanders  is the Democrats’ best chance to beat Trump at the ballot box — even if it’s remote or virtual — this November.
Sanders  is determined to use his diminishing candidacy to push forward his platform, as though he could not do so as a sitting senator with plenty of media opportunities. However, it would behoove Sanders and the party he supposedly seeks to serve to recognize this unique moment we’re in is bigger than his ego and bow out.
He can and should help to shape the future of the country and should not drop out of the Democratic primary.
A new ABC News/Washington Post poll shows that, if Biden were to become the nominee, 15 percent of Sanders supporters would vote for Trump. (In spring 2016, a similar ABC News poll showed that 20 percent of Sanders supporters said they would support Trump if Clinton became the nominee, and 12 percent of his primary voters ended up doing so.)  Sanders would have an opportunity to help change that.
Democratic groups should consolidate in order to keep the eye on the prize — which is, and should be, defeating Trump, and that candidate is Bernie sanders not Joe Biden.
as the coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on the country, Trump’s approval ratings are actually rising overall, according to Gallup, despite his mishandling of the situation. And while a slim majority of Americans approve of Trump’s coronavirus response (according to a Washington Post-ABC News poll out last week), 58 percent of Americans do believe he wasn’t quick enough to act.
For the sake of our country, the democratic party should back sanders  to defeat Trump because Joe Biden is not that candidate to defeat trump, remember his speech when Biden confused his wife and sister and guess what will happen in presidential debate with Donald trump.