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Los Angeles

Los Angeles recorded 1,000 cases in 48 hours

Los Angeles County has recorded 1,000 coronavirus cases in just 48 hours, the mayor said on Friday.
“To put that in perspective, it took us 23 days to get to the first thousand cases and we’ve done that in just the last two [days],” Mayor Eric Garcetti said at a news conference. “So even as we slow the rate of growth, the cases are still growing, and will continue to be hundreds and hundreds, possibly in coming days, more than 1,000 a day.”
Los Angeles County had a 13% increase in cases Friday — the third day in a row of low-teens or mid-teen increases, the mayor said. This is a decrease from the previous week, when the city saw almost a 27% increase on average each day.
“A week ago, the rate of increase was about 50% more than it is right now,” Garcetti said. “But on the other hand, before you start to get relaxed and say we can go outside, this is a moment to continue pressing on the accelerator.”
More than 40,000 Angelenos have been tested for Covid-19, and Los Angeles has the capacity to do 3,500 tests a day in the coming week, Garcetti said.
It has been 15 days since California has been under stay-at-home orders — and 19 days since Los Angeles started social distancing.