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Stay-at-home protest at California Capitol:30 people arrested

More than 30 people arrested during stay-at-home protest at California Capitol More than 500 people gathered at the California Capitol in Sacramento Friday to protest Gov. Gavin Newsom’s stay-at-home order. ...

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Reopening schools is not “as simple as spreading the desks apart,” Los Angles superintendent says

Austin Beutner, the superintendent of the Los Angles Unified School District, said reopening schools will be complicated because of the number of people who are impacted. For example, one of ...

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Pennsylvania to reopen some state parks and forest facilities

Pennsylvania’s Department of Conservation and Natural Resources announced a phased reopening of state parks and forest facilities in line with social distancing guidelines set forth by Gov. Tom Wolf, according ...

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New York governor warns against opening businesses

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo disagrees with people who want to open the economy while the pandemic persists because he refuses to “put dollar signs over human lives.” “I understand ...

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There are at least 1,126,519 coronavirus cases in US

There are at least 1,126,519 cases of coronavirus in the US and at least 66,051 people have died from the virus, according to Johns Hopkins University’s tally of cases in ...

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Hundreds of protesters gather at closed California beach

Hundreds of demonstrators gathered Friday in Huntington Beach, California, a day after the governor announced an order to close all beaches in Orange County. Despite recommendations from public health officials ...

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18 bodies found at “overwhelmed” New Jersey funeral home

Eighteen bodies were discovered at an “overwhelmed” funeral home in New Jersey Thursday night, New Jersey State Police Colonel Patrick Callahan said at a news conference Friday. There were no ...

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Lockdown protesters are expecting Civil War II

Lockdown protesters

The right-wing protests against government lockdowns are not normal protesters, a leading journalist studying the far-right explained on MSNBC on Friday. MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes interviewed Christopher Mathias, a senior ...

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California governor: “This disease doesn’t know if you’re a protester, a Democrat, a Republican”

California governorCalifornia governorCalifornia governorCalifornia governor

Protests against California’s continued stay-at-home order are happening simultaneously at the state’s capitol in Sacramento and at closed beaches in Orange County. Gov. Gavin Newsom urged protesters to take care ...

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More than 4,900 workers in meat and poultry processing facilities have contracted Covid-19

More than 4,900 workers in meat and poultry processing facilities have contracted Covid-19 and at least 20 have died, according to a US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report ...

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