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Wall Street: US major stock indices minus

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The major US stock indices show a moderate decline as market participants try to overcome oppressive macroeconomic data and increasing tension between the US and China. The US Department of ...

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Trump sets goal of hundreds of millions of coronavirus vaccine doses by January, but scientists doubt it

coronavirus vaccine

The U.S. president said the U.S. could develop a vaccine against coronavirus by the end of the year or earlier. He told reporters about it; the broadcast was carried out on Twitter ...

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Coronavirus: Trump says US reopening, ‘vaccine or no vaccine’

Coronavirus, Trump ,vaccine

President Donald Trump says the US will reopen, “vaccine or no vaccine”, as he announced an objective to deliver a coronavirus jab by year end. He likened the vaccine project, ...

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Experts tell coronavirus panel that more testing needed to reopen US

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Health experts told members of Congress on Wednesday that states need more help from the federal government on coronavirus testing in order to safely reopen the economy. In the first ...

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Poll: Majority of Americans disagree with Trump’s handling of Coronavirus pandemic


THE MAJORITY OF Americans don’t agree with President Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak, according to a new poll. Sixty percent of respondents think the president should listen to health ...

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Be circumspect on annexation of occupied West Bank, EU to rally against Israel’s West Bank annexation proposal’

West Bank

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has urged Israeli leaders to consider “all the factors” involved in a proposed de facto annexation of the occupied West Bank so that it ...

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