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Massachusetts state lawmaker threatened after calling for extended lockdown

Police are investigating a threat sent to a Massachusetts lawmaker after he called on Gov. Charlie Baker (R) to extend the state’s coronavirus-related lockdown measures. Rep. Mike Connolly (D), who ...

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Trump officials deflect blame for US death toll

The White House has been escalating its effort to recast the narrative of its own chaotic response to the crisis as it aggressively pushes to reopen the country, a process ...

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Governor Cuomo wants New Yorkers to get tested to speed reopening efforts.

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo wants thousands more New Yorkers to get tested for the coronavirus — so much so that he got tested for the virus during his live news ...

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Sanders my supporters do know trump is dangerous and will vote for Biden

Former Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has said he thinks his supporters will vote for Joe Biden in November’s US election, despite a former aide’s warning that Biden was not ...

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Republican apologizes for likening Covid-19 curbs to Nazis’ persecution of Jews

Antisemitic and Nazi-sympathizing comments made by a Republican state representative in Alaska, who likened Covid-19 safety measures at the state capitol to the treatment of Jewish people in Nazi Germany, ...

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The pandemic has made trump vulnerable

White supremacists, Antifa

Donald Trump’s performance during coronavirus outbreak is a lesson in how not to handle an emergency. It may become a must-read  case study for future students of crisis management. Trump ...

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Pence to visit Orlando nursing home

Vice President Mike Pence is scheduled to visit a nursing home in Orlando and deliver personal protective equipment on Wednesday. In a news release sent Saturday, his office said that ...

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De Blasio, Newsom push back on Trump’s ‘bad management’ rhetoric

President Donald Trump accused state governments of using the pandemic to make up for “25 years of bad management,” as local leaders prod the federal government for more aid. Democrats ...

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HHS secretary says Trump’s ‘Warp Speed’ vaccine ‘may not be safe and effective but we’ll have it’

HHS , Trump, vaccine

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar on Sunday admitted that the Trump administration’s so-called “Warp Speed” vaccine effort could produce hundreds of millions of doses that are neither safe ...

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Trump is the greatest threat to world peace

greatest threat , world peace

A new YouGov survey found Germans consider President Trump more dangerous to world peace than North Korean Chairman Kim Jong Un or Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to the German broadcaster DW. Asked to rank the ...

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