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At least 30 New York City teachers have died from coronavirus

As of Friday, at least 74 employees of the New York City Department of Education have died due to complications related to Covid-19, including 30 teachers, according to a spokesperson for the department.
The Department of Education said 70 were school-based employees, including the 30 teachers, 28 paraprofessionals and other food service staffers, administrators, facilities staff, school aides and guidance counselors.
The other four were central office employees.
The NYC Department of Education specified that the count includes an additional three employees from numbers released last week.
“In the course of continued outreach to families, we confirmed that one food service employee originally listed did not, according to their loved ones, pass away due to COVID-19 or related illnesses,” DOE spokeswoman Miranda Barbot said in an email to reporters.
“This individual has been removed from the total count. In this instance, a name was initially reported through other avenues and to be overly cautious and not undercount, we initially added this individual to our total count,” the email added.
Note: These deaths are not confirmed by the Department of Health as related to Covid-19, because the DOH is no longer confirming individual cases due to community transmission, according to Barbot.